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Leda and the Swan 

30x40 cm, Acrylic on Canvas 


The story of Leda and the Swan is a Greek mythological story in which Zeus transforms himself into a swan to seduce/rape Leda, a mortal queen of Sparta. On the same night, Leda also lies with her husband the Spartan King. She then gives birth to two sets of twins by laying two eggs: Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra, fathered by Zeus, and Castor and Pollux, fathered by the King. 


I was inspired to paint this while listening to the musician Hozier’s “Swan upon Leda.” He uses this story as a metaphor to comment on autonomy, consent, and the control that men have had over women through the centuries and the resulting consequences for everyone involved. I think the song, with its poignant lyrics, is a great example of the enduring relevance of ancient stories in today’s human experiences and societal dynamics.


Leda and the Swan

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