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Brown Magic - Digital Art Print 


“When she is told

Her skin is too dark;

I do not hesitate to offer,

That the sun loved her so much

It kissed her more 

Than the rest of us.” 

Brown Magic

SKU: 0016

    One Digital illustration as high-resolution JPG, PNG, and PDF files 



    4:5 Ratio 

    Inches: 4x5 | 8x10 | 11x14 | 12x15 | 16x20

    Cm: 10x12 | 20x25 | 28x35 | 30x38 | 40x50



    • This is A DIGITAL PRODUCT that can be downloaded instantly. No physical product will be shipped. 
    • Purchase made is final. NO REFUNDS WILL BE POSSIBLE due to the digital nature of the product. 
    • Colours might vary depending on your monitor screen and the quality of your printer/paper.
    • You may use/download the product for personal use as many times as you like. 
    • You are not allowed to resell, distribute, sub-license or use the artwork for commercial purposes.

    Please get in touch with me for any further inquiries. 


    Thank you!

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